29-year-old man is the First Hunter Jailed for Poaching in Washington

Photo via Sebastian Scheuer on Unsplash.

Poaching has always been taken seriously by the U.S. criminal law and the current pandemic has evidently increased those concerns. On March 29 the Superior Court decided the fates of Jason Hutt (29) and Wyatt Beck (24), two friends charged for going on illegal hunts in the Washington wild.

Hutt was imprisoned for 3 years for unlawful hunting of big game and birds in the first degree as well as the waste of wildlife. He maintained his innocence but entered a best-interests plea, admitting that the list of evidence against him was exhaustive.

Beck, who used to hunt with Hutt pleaded guilty to four counts of unlawful hunting of big game, receiving community service.

Jason Hutt became the first Washington state resident to be imprisoned for poaching. While he was initially convicted two years ago, the severity of his sentence serves as a reminder to be more responsible these days.


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