11 Inmates to be Released in Sussex County Amidst Corona Outbreak


The Morris County jail of Sussex County will be releasing two classes of inmates on March 24. Following the orders from the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice of New Jersey, 11 non-violent offenders are supposed to leave the building before a noun.

This will decrease the number of people in the enclosed space and prevent Coronavirus from spreading.

Of course, these measures are temporary and will only last until quarantine restrictions are relaxed. Even though the sentences of released inmates are currently suspended, judges can order them back to jail at any time. Alternatively, they can also give them time served.

Up to 1.000 USA inmates are expecting to be released this week. The list includes low-level criminals: fourth-degree offenders, petty offenders, petty disorderly offenders, probation violators.

All of them must comply with Executive Order No. 107 (Mar. 21, 2020), which limits travel from people’s homes and mandates social distancing.


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